Bellathatch Art Of Suspense
Date of Birth:1/20/07

 OFA Hips: Fair       Elbows: Normal       Optigen: Normal/Clear by parentage      Eyes cleared annually


  Raleigh-Durham Specialty: 11/8/07
        1st 9-12 Months - Mary Ann Czerwinski: Broadway
        3rd 9-12 Months Sweeps Jim Bowron: Fortune

  Raleigh-Durham Specialty: 11/9/07
        1st 9-12 Months - Valerie Walters - Ranbourne
        1st 9-12 Months Sweeps - Elizabeth Bowron: Fortune

  Greater Atlanta Specialty: 2/23/08
        4th 12-18 Months - Diana Beckett: Kim Valley.
        1st Sweeps 12-15 months Trudy Rose: Talimar

  Greater Atlanta Specialty: 2/24/08
        1st 12-18 Months Judy Chambers: Ghoststone
        1st Sweeps 12-15 months Kate Perry: Hawksmoor
  Montgomery KC: 4/26/08
        RWB - Robert Slay

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