Photo taken 9/22/07

CH Bellathatch Holiday Parade
Date of Birth: 9/11/05


 OFA Hips: Good    Elbows: Normal    Eyes cleared annually
   Optigen: Carrier      Full dentition          

Best in Sweeps 2006

  Kennesaw KC: 10/29/06 Best in Sweeps - Jim Sheffler
  Raleigh-Durham Specialty: 11/8/07 4th Open Black - Mary Ann Czerwinski: Broadway
  Raleigh-Durham Specialty: 11/9/07 3rd Open Black - Valerie Walters - Ranbourne 
  Greater Atlanta Specialty: 2/23/08 3rd Open Black Diana Beckett: Kim Valley
Newnan KC: 3/31/07 RWB Bonnie Linnell Clarke 
  Birmingham KC: WB and Best of Winners Michelle Billings 
  Tuscaloosa KC: 4/7/07 RWB Jane Rappolo 
  Augusta KC: 4/12/07 RWB Betty Stites 
  Atlanta KC: 4/14/07 WB and BOW Marjorie Martorella 
  Anniston KC: 4/27/07 RWB Richard Lake 
  Conyers KC: 8/26/07 WB 4 point major Betty Duding 
  Chattanooga KC: 8/27/07 RWB to 3 point major J R Duding 
  Columbia KC: 9/30/07 RWB Bonnie Linnell Clarke 
  Augusta KC: 10/6/07 WB and BOS Harry Smith 
  Griffin KC: 10/26/07 RWB to a 4 point major - Beth Sweigert 
  Greater Monroe KC: 11/16/07 RWB George Heitzman 
  Tuscaloosa KC: 11/24/07 WB and BOS Jerry Watson 
  Montgomery KC: 11/25/07 WB and BOS Jon Cole 
  Savannah KC: 12/1/07 WB and BOS Carol Beattie 
  Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Assoc 1/6/08: RWB to 3 point major Dr. Steve Keating 
  South Florida Specialty: 3/7/08:   RWB, 4 point major - Manola Queijeiro 
  Anniston KC: 4/25/08: WB, BOW, BOS - Dr. Robert Berndt 
  Asheville KC: 6/8/08: WB and BOW - Carole Beattie


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 Bellathatch Labradors
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